Scalpel Stories
by Simon Bramhall and Fionn Murphy


You wouldn’t credit how medicine has changed over the last 35 years. I went to medical school in 1983, the NHS was only 35 years old then, now it’s 70 years old! Back then ‘take it out, its only a little ulcer’, or ‘take it off, above the knee, its no use to you’, were common place. How many foreign bodies can a surgeon remove!


A transplant patient has told how their life was saved by a donor liver which was plucked from the burning wreckage of a crashed plane. The patient was just hours from death with acute liver failure when a suitable donor organ was found in Northern Ireland. It was packaged in a protective box and flown to Birmingham Airport - but the private Cessna crashed on landing and exploded into a fireball. Dramatic pictures of the burnt-out plane made headlines around the world

Could this scenario be the opening chapter of another book? Watch out for ‘The Letterman’ soon to be published by Scalpel Stories.

Projects in the Planning

Charity shops, in which Simon and Fionn have both worked as volunteers, are a world apart. Weird. Unique. Sometimes unbelievable.

Secondhand goods, first-hand experience: CHARITY. The next novel from scapelstories.

Organ donation. A matter of life or death.

To give or not to give? Who shall receive? Who decides? And that is just for starters...

The Kindle version and paperback will be available later this month.